Are You Required to Bathe The Children Left In Your Care?

Keeping Kids Safe in the Tub

Bath time is a part of every child’s daily routine. Children love playing in the bathtub but nannies must carefully supervise children while bathing them. Below is a list of the most basic bath time safety precautions and helpful products to help ensure children have fun and are safe when in the bath tub.

1. Never Leave Children Unsupervised:
Have all the supplies you will need before putting a child in the bath and keep at least one hand on babies when they are in the water. Don’t answer the phone or answer the door unless the baby goes with you.

2. Keep Bathroom Warm:
Keep the bathroom about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Babies can get chilled quickly.

3. Make the Tub Safe:
Bathtubs are incredibly slippery. Use a rubber bath mat such as a Colorful Dick Non-Slip Bath & Shower Mat. Install a cushioned spout cover such as the Munchkin Bubble Spout Guard which helps prevent children from painful bumps on the head.

. Make Sure Water is Warm:
Babies and toddlers generally prefer a much cooler tub than adults do. Fill the tub with only two- to four-inches of water for babies.

We recommend using the Turtlemeter, the Baby Bath Floating Turtle Toy and Bath Tub Thermometer. The Turtlemeter Bath Thermometer is both an adorable toy for kids to play with while being a useful thermometer to make sure bathwater isn’t too hot or too cold when bathing kids. The Turtlemeter Thermometer is a few dollars more than the thermometer listed below but it also lasts longer than some other tub thermometers because the battery can be replaced. The LCD screen illuminates in blue if the bathwater temperature is less than 95°F, the screen is Green if the bathwater temperature is safe ranging from 95°F to 102.2°F, and the screen illuminates in Red if the bathwater temperature is greater than 102.2°F
We also recommend the Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm. The Aquatopia Safety Bath Time Audible Thermometer & Alarm makes bath time safer. It floats in the bath water and measures the water temperature every two seconds. It sounds an alarm if it is too hot or cold. It displays the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius and is easy to read. This thermometer can also be a fun bath toy. When the bath is over make sure to shake out all the water or the alarm may beep that it’s too cold.

5. For Kids That Can Sit Up Use a Bath Ring:
But don’t let it give you a false sense of security—babies can tip over or get trapped under them, so it’s no substitute for keeping your eye and a hand on your baby at all times.

Our favorite bath ring seat is also a great toy to keep babies busy and happy in the tub. The Baby Bath Tub Ring Seat. comes in green or blue. It has four anti-slip suction cups for maximum safety allowing your hands to be free to play with the baby.

aaaWe also like the Papillon Baby Bath Ring. This bath ring is made of fabric. The bath ring has a butterfly shape that prevents babies from tipping over in the tub. It lets baby “float” around the bathtub and reach for bath toys freely (but always with adult supervision). Simply tie the Papillon below baby’s waist and let the fun begin.

6. Use Mild Soaps and Shampoos:
Soaps and shampoos can dry your baby’s skin and may cause rashes. You can wash babies with plain water, as long as the diaper zone and skin folds are cleaned with soap very well. If you do use soap, choose a mild one designed for babies and use it sparingly. To avoid having your baby sit too long in soapy water, play at the beginning of the bath and save the soap and shampoo for the end. Don’t use bubble baths. They may be irritating to the urethra, which in turn might increase the risk of urinary tract infections.

We like Sebamed Soap-Free Bar for Babies and Sensitive Skin and Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to use at bath time with babies and our favorite mild shampoo for babies is Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Fragrance Free Shampoo & Wash.

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