Some Rules Can Be Broken As Long As You Are Honest About It

3e2e8-boundariesRespecting Professional Boundaries

When working as a nanny I do my best to serve the children the foods the parents prefer their children eat.

But, I admit, when we go out to eat with friends or visit other homes during meal times it’s sometimes hard to keep the kids on a strict diet. For example, some friends and restaurants may only serve white rice or white pasta when the kids in your care typically eat brown rice or whole wheat pasta at home. Although I don’t normally serve the children sugary snacks or treats, when attending a Birthday party the kids might be allowed to try a cupcake or some ice cream for the special occasion.

The key is being honest with the parents if the children eat something they wouldn’t normally be allowed to eat. I simply explain where we were and why the kids ate the treat. Being honest ensures the parents won’t give the kids a second helping of dessert that day. Being honest with the parents about what the children ate during the day allows the parents to serve their kids the vegetable or fruit serving they may have missed during the day.

But, I have seen caregivers intentionally be sneaky and give the toddlers in their care foods the parents don’t want their child to eat. I’ve even overheard nannies say, “Just don’t tell your mother I let you eat ice cream and french fries today.”

Being dishonest and suggesting the kids be dishonest, is unprofessional.

Professional caregivers who care about their jobs and care about providing the best care tell the truth about the foods they are feeding the kids in their care, even if they are worried the parents might be upset.

Honesty is the best policy. Professional nannies don’t risk their jobs by lying about the care they provide the kids.

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