How to Wash the Hair of a Child that Doesn’t Like Getting Hair Washed

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I have found that most young children that don’t want their hair washed actually just don’t like getting water on their face, eyes, nose, or mouth — especially unexpectedly. Here are ideas and products for making washing hair for toddlers easier.


Children learn through playing so play and practice different styles of washing hair outside of the tub. Have the child pretend to wash your hair too. Massage the scalp with dry fingers as the child plays with bath toys while sitting on the bedroom or playroom carpet. Use wash cloths, towels, visors, swim goggles, bottle of shampoo, and any other products you will use when washing their hair.


Allow the child to show you how they want their hair washed by washing their doll’s hair. They can do this in the bath or outside of the tub using real water and shampoo in a baby bath or toy bath either outside in the yard or in the kitchen sink. It is a fun water play activity and can help them feel more in control of the hair washing process.


Wash and rinse hair as the very last step of bath time so their head doesn’t get cold and they have plenty of fun playing in the tub.


Use low-sudsing shampoo with gentle shampoos. Choose shampoos with fruit oils, such as raspberry, avocado oil, chamomile extract, and sunflower seed oil. Avoid chemicals such as parabens, Phthalates, dyes, sulfates, fragrances or perfumes. Choose no tears brands such as like CeraVe Baby Wash and Shampoo, The Honest Company Shampoo and Body Wash, and Weleda Gentle Shampoo and Body Wash.

Always put shampoo into hand and add water and make it suds prior to putting on their scalp to make it easier to wash and rinse out.


If the child usually leans their head back to rinse the shampoo and it doesn’t work, try leaning forward with a dry wash cloth held over their eyes like a blindfold.


Use Waterproof Ear Plugs to protect their ears from getting water in them and to reduce the noise of the running water.


Try different methods of rinsing off. Some children may like the deep pressure of a large jug of water being poured and others a hand held shower head. Others may like more control and a different pressure, and prefer to trickle water themselves so offer them a small child’s watering can, a cup, or a jug for them to try rinsing themselves.

img_3216SUN VISOR:

Use a Shampoo Visor Hat to keep water and suds out of their eyes, nose, and mouth.


At very end of bath drain tub until only one inch of water is left in the tub and let the child lay down on their back as you quickly rinse their hair with cups of clear water. This works fabulously at keeping water and shampoo off their face.


Try using different types of swim goggles to protect their eyes.

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