Paper Plate Valentine’s Hat

img_3204Creative Wednesdays

This is on of the easiest crafts to make with your Nanny Kids for Valentines Day. To make hats for a Valentine’s Day party you can use pink or red paper plates and won’t have to decorate the hats. But part of the fun is letting the kids decorate the hats. Listed below is what to do and reference the photos to help see how to properly cut out this heart pop up hat.

You Will Need:

Paper Plate
Decorations: paint, glitter, markers, stickers, stamps, and so on

What to Do:

1. Fold the paper plate in half.

2. Use a pencil to make half a heart shape like when making a heart card.

3. Cut the hole for the head by following the rim of plate (allowing at least an inch or two of rim uncut). Don’t cut to the end of plate so you can keep the heart shape. Make sure the heart ends right into the brim of the hat or the heart will flop and won’t stand up properly.

4. Unfold the paper plate, protect the work surface, and let the kids decorate their hats.

5. Once dry, pop up the heart and let the kids wear their hats.


Idea by Lindsey Boardman

Photos by Heather Marinkovic and Stephanie Felze

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