1,400 Things for Kids to Be Happy About

Weekly Trip to the Library

What makes for a happy childhood? The little things, just like at any other time of life. Kids are happy when they read books with their mother and father. They like little things like smelling a Christmas tree or building a fort with a friend.

1,400 Things for Kids to Be Happy Aboutby Barbara Ann Kipfer is not only a celebration of all the little things that make kids happy, it’s also a workbook of happiness.

Each picture is labeled with ten blank lines for kids to fill in with their own favorite things. There are no right or wrong answers since the kids just fill in what they like.

 In a friendly, spread-by-spread format, it covers all the important things that make up a child’s world – their parents, neighbors, the zoo, friends, the playground, pets, the classroom, movies, and summer vacation.

You can easily purchase the book by clicking book image or title below. Don’t forget to stop by again next Saturday for another Weekly Trip to the Library.

1,400 Things for Kids to Be Happy About


  1. Good stuff. Thanks for helping us to keep track of these things. They may look massive but I believe majority of them are things we know but we don’t count as important. Thanks for the reminder, they are very apt.

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