Do You Ever Pay for the Kids Out of Your Pocket?

Respecting Professional Boundaries It’s tempting to buy the kids in your care a little gift, an ice cream cone, or a ride on a carousel at the mall from your own pocket sometimes when you are working as a nanny. But, it’s a bad habit to get into and parents don’t (or shouldn’t) expect you […]

Nannies Don’t Want to Work for Cheap Parents

Nanny Confessions By Stephanie Felzenberg Nanny, Editor How to Be the Best Nanny Everyone is on a budget, or at least should be. Although there is often a stereotype that parents that hire nannies are wealthy, some parents that hire nannies to care for their children are struggling to make ends meet. But, nanny employers should […]

Professional Nannies Pay Attention to Bookkeeping

Respecting Professional Boundaries for Nannies: Keep All Receipts Most parents are generous employers that treat their nannies well. Most parents are willing to pay for their caregiver’s meals and pay for cost of outings to zoos, malls, museums, and lunches with their children’s friends. Most nannies use the family’s petty cash responsibly. But, there are […]