Nannies Don’t Want to Work for Cheap Parents

Nanny Confessions
By Stephanie Felzenberg Nanny, Editor How to Be the Best Nanny

Everyone is on a budget, or at least should be. Although there is often a stereotype that parents that hire nannies are wealthy, some parents that hire nannies to care for their children are struggling to make ends meet. But, nanny employers should keep in mind that even when nannies work for the nicest, most grateful, parents, no one wants to work for cheap parents.

Respectful employees don’t criticize parents that are on a strict a budget. But, it is terribly frustrating and restrictive for nannies when they aren’t allowed to have some additional cash to spend on outings with the kids in their care. Almost all nannies have a petty cash allowance. But when the petty cash allowance is very strict it is difficult for employees to relax and enjoy outings with the kids when they have a tight limit on how much they can spend. In fact, most nannies have had to open their own wallets to pay for the kids food or admission on outings with friends from time to time.

It is vital for parents who hire nannies to remember that their caregivers are working at a job to make money. Nannies have bills to pay too. Caregivers want to  spend their work day focusing on caring for the kids, not worrying about how they are going to pay to go to the zoo, to park the car, or out for a slice of pizza with friends.

The harsh reality is that nannies don’t want to work for cheap parents. Parents aren’t considered cheap when they pay consistently on time, for all hours worked, at the rate agreed upon, and there is some extra petty cash for the nanny and kids to use for outings and unexpected costs.

And to keep quality nannies long-term, parents need to pay their caregivers above the standard or the average rate for where they live and work.


  1. This is informative. They surely do have bills to pay. And apart from from that we should recognise the fact that every role or job is as important as another. There is dignity in labour, and every role must be accorded the all the dignity. Thanks for reminding us.

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