Reflecting Rainbows: A Mirror Can Create a Magical Rainbow

Wednesday Projects 
By Stephanie Felzenberg, Nanny and Editor of Be the Best Nanny Blog

Creating rainbows and dancing them around the room is both magical and scientific. With adult supervision, children can create a rainbow with a small mirror and a clear glass of water. We found this fun science project in 365 Ways to a Smarter Preschooler by Marilee Robin Burton.

You Will Need:

Small, unbreakable mirror
Glass of water or clear glass bowl
Sunny window

What to Do:

1. Place the glass of water in direct sunlight and then submerge a small mirror halfway in the water.

2. Half of the mirror should be below the water line and half above the water line.

3. Tilt and rotate the mirror until the child catches the sunlight, which will then be refracted through the water to create the rainbow colors.

Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg, illustration and project from 365 Ways to a SmarterPreschooler


  1. This is a great fun activity that one could have to keep the kids engaged. Thanks for sharing this with many of us that are unaware.


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