Can Babies Overeat?

Study Shows How Babies Learn to Overeat

I was always taught that infants cannot overeat or be too fat. But, researchers at  Brigham Young University found that a strong predictor of later weight problems are kids who are clinically obese at age two.

The habits the obese two-year-olds shared included being put to bed with a bottle, being encouraged to finish whatever’s in their bottle, and being started on solid foods too soon.

Meanwhile, breast-fed babies were more likely to pay attention to internal cues and stopped nursing when they feel full.

But, the study suggests that bottle-fed babies can learn this skill, too, if caregivers let them and don’t force them to take every last drop.

1.  Put Babies to Bed with a Bottle
2. Encourage Babies to Finish the Bottle
3. Start Solid Foods too Soon


  1. Mothers need to develop a system that works. It is important we have a pattern that would not make babies to be obese and we must also be careful what we feed them with.

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