Marie Veronique Organics Rated One of the Safest and Best Sunscreen Lines

Environmental Working Group’s 2013 Sunscreen Guide

This summer marks the first sunscreen season governed by rules put into effect last December by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These regulations demand truth in sunscreen marketing and, for the first time, require that claims of water resistance and broad spectrum sun protection be validated.

Despite the FDA’s actions, an Environmental Working Group (EWG) review of the sunscreen market finds only minimal improvements in products on the shelves for the summer of 2013. Many sunscreens available on the U.S. market do not filter skin-damaging rays safely and effectively.

Parents and nannies should not be fooled by claims of high SPF on sunscreen bottles. Instead, check out the 2013 Environmental Working Group Sunscreen Guide to find the best sunscreens.

One sunscreen line recommended by the EWG is the Marie Veronique Organics’ natural sunscreen line. Founder of the sunscreen line, Marie Veronique Nadeau, is thrilled that her sunscreens have yet again been recognized for their safety and efficacy, but emphasizes the importance of wear-ability. “Applying sunscreen on a daily basis is the most important defense against pre-mature aging, but a sunscreen is only as good as your willingness to wear it. Our non-nano zinc oxide sunscreens are super safe and incredibly wearable,” says Marie.

All Marie Veronique Organics sunscreens are made with a green tea base and non-nano zinc oxide for safe, effective sun protection while providing anti-oxidant support to skin.

Pacific Everyday Sheer Coverage, SPF 20:
Delivers broad-spectrum UV protection for aging skin with non-nano zinc oxide and powerful antioxidants—all with a sheer matte finish that makes it ideal for everyday use.

Moisturizing Face Screen, SPF 30:
For everyday coverage, protects against both UVA and UVB rays with higher concentrations of non-nano zinc oxide.

Kid Safe Screen, SPF 25+:
Provides chemical-free, water-resistant, full-spectrum sun protection with non-nano zinc oxide—ideal for you…and your kids.


  1. Hurray! Summer is here… Have you ever wondered about how celebrities always seem to have those gorgeous suntans and wish you knew their secrets? You’ve heard all the horror stories about being out in the sun so you use the highest SPF sunscreen you can find and settle for being safe instead of sorry. Maybe you’ve even tried a tanning booth or lamp.

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