EWG Best Sunscreens for Kids

Does Your Sunscreen Make the List? Each year the Environmental Working Group (EWG) rates the best sunscreens. The EWG selected the sunscreens below that are marketed for use on babies and children. The EWG recommends using lotions rather than sunscreen sticks because some studies indicate that people tend to apply too little sunscreen when using […]

Best Sunscreens for Kids

Product Review Sunday – Products Nannies Love Every year, more than 2 million Americans find out they have skin cancer. At a time when most other cancer rates are in retreat, the rate of newly diagnosed cases of melanoma — the most deadly skin cancer — has tripled since the 1970s. Though there’s no single […]

Marie Veronique Organics Rated One of the Safest and Best Sunscreen Lines

Environmental Working Group’s 2013 Sunscreen Guide This summer marks the first sunscreen season governed by rules put into effect last December by the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These regulations demand truth in sunscreen marketing and, for the first time, require that claims of water resistance and broad spectrum sun protection be validated. Despite […]

Products Nannies Love for Baby Sun Protection

BabyBjorn Sun Cover for Baby The American Academy of Pediatric and the American Academy of Pediatric Dermatology recommends keeping infants out of the sun as much as possible. Most of the sunscreens found commonly in stores contain chemicals which are absorbed by baby’s skin. Therefore it’s important to use a sunscreen that does not have […]

Good Guide’s Best Baby Sunscreen

Yesterday we listed Good Guide’s best and worst baby foods. Today we list their best and worst sunscreens. Click here to see the entire guide.   Best Baby Sunscreen   1. Coppertone Dry Oil   2. Eraviva Chidren’s Sunscreen SPF 15   3. California Baby SPF 30+ Citronella   4. Sunscreen Sweetsation Therapy Sun’n’berry Fun […]

Tan Does Not Mean Healthy!

Sun Safety Tips for KidsPhoto from Getty Images Since the Food and Drug Administration has not been regulating the sunscreen industry the Environmental Working Group (EWA) has developed a database evaluating sunscreens. This week we have posted interesting facts about sunscreen. Today we will share the EWA’s tips on keeping children safe from the sun. […]

Best Sunscreens

The Good News: EWG’s Best Sunscreens Yesterday we posted a link to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) database which is an in-depth analysis of the safety and effectiveness of more than 700 name-brand sunscreens. The new database lists products that offer the best combination of safety and effectiveness: they are formulated with the safest chemicals, […]

Beware of Sunscreen?

Environmental Working Group Rates Sunscreen SafetySummer officially starts today! When working as a nanny or au pair protecting children with sunscreen is a huge concern. Child caregivers must apply sunscreen on children when playing outdoors this summer. But, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released the first-ever, in-depth analysis of the safety and effectiveness of more […]