Saint Patrick’s Day Fun for Nannies

aaaCreative Projects and Recipes to Share with Kids

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day. Start the day with the kids by serving them some shamrock-shaped pancakes and green milk, make lunch with rainbow toast or Irish Soda Bread, serve corned beef and cabbage for dinner, and share Irish Potatoes (a candy) for dessert. Don’t forget to have the little ones follow a path of leprechaun footprints and read the children’s books about Saint Patrick’s Day we have linked to below.

Shamrock Crafts:

At any age, making Shamrock necklaces is simple and fun. Click this link to see how to make a leprechaun hat for chips we made a few years ago.

bbbSee how we showed our readers how to make shamrock stamps out of bell peppers.

There are many Irish recipes to make with and for the kids in your care today. For breakfast or snacks it’s easy and fun to make rainbow toast and shamrock-shaped pancakes. For dinner pick from some of the traditional Irish recipes including corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, Muliigan stew, or shepherd’s pie. Here’s a delicious and easy candy called Irish Potatoes to make with the kids made of coconut and cinnamon (no potatoes in it).


Have a leprechaun scavenger hunt by following the leprechaun footprints.

Children’s Books:aaa

Don’t forget to read some children’s books written for Saint Patrick’s Day. Here are some children’s books we recommend for Saint Patrick’s Day.

References include:

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Holiday Crafts

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