Bell Pepper Shamrock Stamps

eeeSt. Patrick’s Day Project

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up so there is no better time to start doing green crafts for the popular Irish holiday. The shamrock is known as a symbol of Ireland, with St. Patrick having used it as a metaphor for the Christian Trinity, according to legend. The four-leaf clover is more uncommon than the three-leaf clover so tradition says four-leaf clovers bring good luck to those who find one. In this easy project we used bell pepper to make a shamrock stamp. Project adapted from
What You Need:

Bell pepper
Washable green paint (or blue and yellow paint to mix to make green paint)
Paper plates to use as a paint palate
Paint brush

What to Do:

1. Cut off a thick slice of pepper.
2. I let the kids mix blue and yellow paint together to make green paint on a paper plate.
3. Have the kids paint the edges of the pepper with green paint or dip the bell pepper into the paint.

Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg and


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