Cradle Cap Brushes and Remedies

Cradle cap is essentially dandruff on baby scalps. Scaly patches of skin show up on the scalp. It’s not dangerous or uncomfortable for a baby, just unsightly for adults. Our instinct may be to pick at the flakes of skin but doctors recommend leaving it alone because picking at the flakes can cause infection. Cradle […]

Using Herbs and Homeopathic Preparations

Discussing Herbs, Homeopathy, and Self-Administered RemediesYou decide that you are weary of the health care system: endless waiting, bureaucracy, and high costs. So you decide to go to a GNC or health food or vitamin store to buy some herbs for your health complaints. The first challenge you face is to correctly diagnose your ailment. Your […]

Does Cow’s Milk Cause Early Puberty?

Au Pairs and Nannies Can Serve More Than Just Organic Milk A debate has been raging for years over whether girls are now reaching puberty earlier than ever before. The debate escalated in 1997, when the journal Pediatrics published a study of 17,000 girls by Dr. Marcia Herman-Giddens of the University of North Carolina that […]


Nanny and Au Pair Health Care SeriesUnless recommended by a physician no over-the-counter (OTC) cold preparations are suitable for a child under four-years-old. The side-effects cited in this article are representative only and not nearly a complete list of all possible problems medications can pose for children. Parents may give certain herbs to children to […]