Nanny and Au Pair Health Care SeriesBy Anne Merchant, Author of The Nanny Textbook By the time children have reached their second birthday they are ready for their first visit to the dentist. It is important that the first dental visit be relaxing and uneventful. Be certain not to relay any negative feelings about visiting […]

Procedures for Taking Children’s Temperatures

Nanny and Au Pair Health Care SeriesBy Anne Merchant, Author of The Nanny TextbookThe following instructions are helpful if using a mercury thermometer. How Long to Leave Thermometer In When taking a temperature by mouth or the rectum, leave the thermometer in place at least three-minutes. The auxiliary route must leave the thermometer in place […]


Nanny and Au Pair Health Care SeriesBy Anne Merchant, Author of The Nanny Textbook Anytime nannies have questions or concerns about the health of the children left in their care, caregivers should discuss it with medical professionals or pediatricians. If the concerns are related to teething pain or a minor rash, the children’s parents or […]


Nanny & Au Pair Health Care Series There is a barrage of information aimed at consumers offering health care advice. Which sources should a nanny follow and which should a nanny ignore? A prudent consumer is skeptical about claims made in advertising. But it is not always easy to discern advertising from pure reporting. Increasingly, […]


Nanny and Au Pair Health Care SeriesUnless recommended by a physician no over-the-counter (OTC) cold preparations are suitable for a child under four-years-old. The side-effects cited in this article are representative only and not nearly a complete list of all possible problems medications can pose for children. Parents may give certain herbs to children to […]


The ONE Thing Ideally, each interaction with a health care professional, whether physician or pharmacist, will be with the same person you have seen previously. That person will be knowledgeable about the patient’s past medical history and have personal concern for the patient. Plus, the patient and caregiver would have a degree of comfort and […]

Flu Shot Does Not Cause the Flu

What Nannies & Au Pairs Should Know About the FluControversy swirls about the safety of vaccines, especially about the flu shot. Remedies abound, handed down in families like treasured heirlooms about how to treat the flu. The flu sickens millions and kills thousands yearly. The flu may threaten all those who come into contact with […]


START OF TEN DAY SERIES ABOUT HEALTH OF CHILDREN Since it is cold and flu season it is a good time to review proper practices and helpful tips when dealing with health care providers, parents, and sick children. As with all things that a nanny or au pair does, preparation is essential. You should know […]