What Type of Thermometer Do You Use With Your Charges?

Products Nannies Love: Behind the Ear and Pacifier Thermometers Do you know anyone that still uses the manual, mercury-filled thermometers anymore? In these modern times most parents and nannies use digital thermometers. There are rectal thermometers, oral thermometers, ear (tympanic) thermometers, under arm thermometers, and thermometers that can take a temperature by on a forehead […]

Exergen’s TemporalScanner Temporal Artery Thermometer

Products Nannies Love I just can’t seem to get an accurate reading from an auxiliary (ear) thermometer. I have always been frustrated with auxiliary thermometers as they give low readings, that are never the same. Pediatricians agree that a rectal thermometer is the most accurate to take a baby’s temperature. But studies have shown temporal […]

Procedures for Taking Children’s Temperatures

Nanny and Au Pair Health Care SeriesBy Anne Merchant, Author of The Nanny TextbookThe following instructions are helpful if using a mercury thermometer. How Long to Leave Thermometer In When taking a temperature by mouth or the rectum, leave the thermometer in place at least three-minutes. The auxiliary route must leave the thermometer in place […]


Nanny and Au Pair Health Care SeriesBy Anne Merchant, Author, The Nanny TextbookIt is rare these days to see a mercury thermometer used in the home. However, there are still some in use and nannies should be familiar with the correct procedure. It is essential that caregivers be completely at ease with this procedure. The […]