What Type of Thermometer Do You Use With Your Charges?

Products Nannies Love: Behind the Ear and Pacifier Thermometers

Do you know anyone that still uses the manual, mercury-filled thermometers anymore? In these modern times most parents and nannies use digital thermometers. There are rectal thermometers, oral thermometers, ear (tympanic) thermometers, under arm thermometers, and thermometers that can take a temperature by on a forehead (temporal thermometers).

But have you tried the thermometer which takes the temperature in one second from behind the ear or a digital baby pacifier?

The thermometer that takes the temperature behind the ear flashes green, yellow, and red for easy reading. Reviews of the product explain that the behind the ear thermometer is very sensitive and as accurate as a rectal thermometer but finding the exact spot behind the ear to place the thermometer can be tricky.

The pacifier shaped thermometer also takes an accurate reading. They are easy to read, inexpensive, and more accurate than many ear thermometers, but the tricky part of using a pacifier thermometer depends on whether the baby is willing to keep the pacifier in their mouth long enough to take the reading.

Click here for the proper procedures to use a rectal, oral, and auxillary temperature. Click here to see proper method to read a mercury thermometer.


  1. I have no luck with the ear thermometers put in the inner ear canal. Can never get an accurate reading and all my jobs use the inner ear thermometer.

  2. I hate forehead and ear thermometers. Doctors say to add a few degrees to an ear thermometer??? What's the point of using it if it isn't accurate??

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