Germs vs. Soap by Didi Dragon

Weekly Trip to the Library Despite telling children to wash their hands over and over again since the pandemic started I’m still having trouble getting one of the kids I babysit to wash his hands every time he enters the home. I have to hover over him because he often turns on the water and […]

Boogie Bucket

Wednesdays with Whitney By Whitney Tang This time of year everyone is getting sick. Whether it be the flu, a sinus infection, or just the common cold, kids everywhere are coughing and sneezing. Help the little ones you nanny do something special for their sick friends by making a Boogie Bucket. This twist on a […]

Using Herbs and Homeopathic Preparations

Discussing Herbs, Homeopathy, and Self-Administered RemediesYou decide that you are weary of the health care system: endless waiting, bureaucracy, and high costs. So you decide to go to a GNC or health food or vitamin store to buy some herbs for your health complaints. The first challenge you face is to correctly diagnose your ailment. Your […]


Nanny and Au Pair Health Care SeriesBy Anne Merchant, Author of The Nanny Textbook Anytime nannies have questions or concerns about the health of the children left in their care, caregivers should discuss it with medical professionals or pediatricians. If the concerns are related to teething pain or a minor rash, the children’s parents or […]


AU PAIR & NANNY HEALTH CARE SERIESAll nannies and au pairs hate it when their charges are feeling bad: cranky, complaining, crying, or whining. It’s annoying when children don’t listen, complain they are sick when they aren’t, or refuse to obey even the simplest routine requests. But, often when children are cranky or complain of […]


Nanny & Au Pair Health Care Series There is a barrage of information aimed at consumers offering health care advice. Which sources should a nanny follow and which should a nanny ignore? A prudent consumer is skeptical about claims made in advertising. But it is not always easy to discern advertising from pure reporting. Increasingly, […]


Nanny and Au Pair Health Care SeriesUnless recommended by a physician no over-the-counter (OTC) cold preparations are suitable for a child under four-years-old. The side-effects cited in this article are representative only and not nearly a complete list of all possible problems medications can pose for children. Parents may give certain herbs to children to […]


The Difference Between KNOW and NO Have you left the doctor’s office uncertain of exactly what the diagnosis is, what tests were done, and what current and future treatment is recommended? Whether for yourself or for your charges that is unacceptable. Know what was done, why it was done, and what to expect when you […]

Flu Shot Does Not Cause the Flu

What Nannies & Au Pairs Should Know About the FluControversy swirls about the safety of vaccines, especially about the flu shot. Remedies abound, handed down in families like treasured heirlooms about how to treat the flu. The flu sickens millions and kills thousands yearly. The flu may threaten all those who come into contact with […]