Boogie Bucket

Wednesdays with Whitney
By Whitney Tang

This time of year everyone is getting sick. Whether it be the flu, a sinus infection, or just the common cold, kids everywhere are coughing and sneezing. Help the little ones you nanny do something special for their sick friends by making a Boogie Bucket. This twist on a gift basket holds the same thoughtfulness of a get well card, but packs so much more usefulness!

Filled with germ fighting aids and feel good items, this gift basket is sure to get little friends feeling better quickly. What’s more is that once emptied, the bucket is the perfect storage unit for all those boogies! Remembering to make it to the garbage can is tough, but a bucket with an easy to grab handle can be carried everywhere and used for those nearly forgetful tissues.

Let the little ones decorate a sand pail for their friends and consider filling it with these suggested items:

• Tissues
• Boogie Wipes
• Orange Juice
• Chicken Noodle Soup
• A Favorite Book
• Small Toy
• Chocolate

The list is endless and each bucket awaits your imagination to fill it!


  1. How about Hand Sanitizer too! 🙂

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