The Process of Creating is More Important Than the End Result

Separate Paint in Egg Cartons

Children and Art
Excerpt from The Child Care Textbook by Anne Merchant Geissler

Nannies must keep in mind one principle when planning activities for children. Regardless  of the activity, the process of creating is more important than the end result.

When children are allowed to be creative they learn to become problem solvers as they mature, later in business, and in their personal relationships.

Searching for other ways to do things and feeling confident enough to explore those possibilities are characteristics that take root in childhood when children are encouraged to use their creative genius.

The child that is cared for by adults who nurture the creative process stands a much better chance of success than the child who approaches each creative endeavor with a specific outcome in mind.

It is part of the creative process to make allowances, to encourage the absurd, the unusual, and the ridiculous. It is perfectly appropriate to draw lips on ducks if that is what the child wants to do. However, often adults will inhibit the child by saying something like, “You know that ducks don’t have lips.”

When children are drawing, adults should not confuse the “process” of creating with science. It is important to note that science has made great strides via individuals who were creative and open to all possibilities.

In any creative endeavor adults should refrain from imposing structure and allow the child’s imagination to determine their creative limits. When we do this we are honoring the part of the child that is patient, industrious, colorful, able to maintain concentration, confident, and spontaneous.

When we honor the process, we are looking at the effort the child expends, which determines satisfaction more than the end result could ever command. It is in the process of creating that children learn vital skills.

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