Nanny Confessions: Why I love Working with Children

What Do You Love About Working with Kids?

I love working as a nanny because my office is the kitchen, playroom, beach, pool, and playground. I love working as a nanny because I appreciate living in-the-moment when caring for kids. For me, there is simply nothing better than knowing I am making a positive influence in the lives of the children in my care.

The very best part of working as a nanny is the kids. I love a newborn’s innocence, vulnerability, and sweetness. I love the way their fingers and toes curl around my fingers. Infants are cuddly and warm and have that powdery baby smell. There is no better feeling than hugging and rocking a warm infant that is full of love.

I love a toddler’s wide-eyed curiosity to learn. I love when they mispronounce words and common phrases, that they celebrate every milestone with enthusiasm, and just praising them makes them feel so good about themselves. I love how the most basic items (like a leaf, twig, water, or a cup) can become a toy that brings great joy.

Even through the boogers, bloody knees, and temper tantrums I appreciate kids’ complete honesty. I love that their true feelings. Through the bad manners and angry outbursts I am proud that I know how to be patient and handle children’s little imperfections.

And as kids age (and talk-back more and become more manipulative) I still enjoy helping them with homework and helping them gain confidence and develop a high self-esteem. I find much joy in creating a loving, nurturing, happy environment for children of all ages left in my care.

Perhaps the best part of working with children is that I have gained more than I have given to the children in my care. Over the years children have taught me patience, compassion, unconditional love, and joy.

Why do you love working as a nanny? What ages of children do like to care for the most?


  1. This is such a great and inspiring text! It’s so good to ready things like this and reminder how lucky we are as a nanny! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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