Reduce Stress by Not Overreacting

Nannies Help Reduce Parental and Child Stress When adults are stressed-out, the kids in their care get stressed-out. Raising a family is stressful. When nannies help parents, they help reduce both their employer’s and their charges’ stress levels. Stress in children can be detrimental to a child’s health and development. The body reacts to stressful […]

Tranquil Scenes Have Positive Impact on the Brain

Take Children Outside Everyday Our advice for things to do with kids this Autumn is to get outside! Time spent outdoors in nature is like pushing a “stress reduction button” for the brain. Research findings, “demonstrated that tranquil environmental scenes containing natural features…cause distinct brain areas to become `connected´ with one another whilst man-made environments, […]

Reduce Stress — Don’t Overreact

To Respect Parents, Nannies Must Reduce Stress and Not Overreact On Sunday, we began discussing nannies that gossip about their employers. It is not respectful to gossip about others. Another common obstacle for nannies when they need to communicate with their employer’s in a respectful manner is the tendency of some caregivers to overreact. Anne […]