Tranquil Scenes Have Positive Impact on the Brain

Take Children Outside Everyday

Our advice for things to do with kids this Autumn is to get outside! Time spent outdoors in nature is like pushing a “stress reduction button” for the brain. Research findings, “demonstrated that tranquil environmental scenes containing natural features…cause distinct brain areas to become `connected´ with one another whilst man-made environments, such as motorways, disrupt the brain connections.”

To see an article on the study go to, Tranquil scenes have a positive impact on the brain. Each day this week we hope to inspire you to get the kids outside and help children to use their senses to learn about and enjoy Autumn.

What are your favorite Autumn activities to do with kids?


  1. My favorite things to do in the fall are apple and pumpkin picking and Halloween.

  2. Painting pumpkins and autumn foods like pumpkin pie, apple pie, pumpkin bread and the like.

  3. Carving jack o' lanterns is the only project I like in the fall. Not a big fan of fall, I'm a summer girl. But anything made from pumpkin I like.

  4. Some other favorite activities are simple ones like collecting acorns and leaves for craft projects and wreathes, making scarecrows, jumping in leaves, going for hikes in the crisp beautiful autumn air.

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