How to Keep from Yelling at Children

On Monday we started discussing when nannies yell at children. To continue the discussion Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., the international peacemaker and founder of the Center for Nonviolent Communication in Cleveland, Ohio, has created a simple model to follow for effectively communicating with compassion. Listen: Listening with compassion and empathy strengthens your connection with children and […]

Yelling is Your Problem, Not the Child’s Problem

Respect Children By Staying Calm When you yell it is your problem, not the children’s problem making you lose control. It is natural that kids will occasionally “get under your skin.” Yelling at a child for something that is affecting you will not resolve the problem. Before responding to children in anger, take a deep […]

The Verbal Environment

Making or Breaking a Child’s Self-Esteem Yesterday we began discussing Maria F., a nanny who is disturbed when she sees nannies yelling at children. To continue the discussion, Anne Merchant Geissler, nanny educatior and the author of The Child Care Textbook and The Nanny Textbook, explains how the verbal environment makes or breaks a child’s […]

Nannies that Yell at Kids

Speak Respectfully to Children to Build Self-Worth Yesterday we discussed a nanny named Ariel who is upset that children speak to her without respect. But what about nannies who do not speak respectfully to their charges? Maria F., a nanny in Staten Island, NY has issues with nannies that are disrespectful towards children. Maria says, […]