Have the Kids in Your Care Lost a Loved One?

photo from hospice 4 Children’s Books About Death This is a long weekend in America. Monday is a national holiday, Memorial Day, when we have parades and services honoring the soldiers that have lost their lives protecting our country. But, Americans also remember those they have lost personally who weren’t in the military as well. […]

Sandy Hook Love Letters

Wednesdays with Whitney By Whitney Tang In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre I want to encourage crafts with a more selfless aspect to them this week. As nannies, we understand how impactful a child’s love can be. So why don’t we send some of this love in the direction of those heartbroken families who […]

How Children Grieve at Different Ages

Stages of Grief for Children Adults never want young children to have to learn about death. They want to protect children from pain and loss. But, child care professionals cannot shelter children from death. Early intervention during times of loss and grief helps keep children psychologically healthy and prevents the development of later emotional problems. Although […]

Have You Ever Worked for a Parent With Cancer or a Terminal Illness?

Anticipatory GriefBy H.J. Fracaro Anticipatory grief is when a death is expected typically due to a terminal illness or the aging process. The relative could be cared for in the home, at a hospital, or hospice. Medical equipment can be frightening even to children (and teens and adults). When the child visits the patient make […]

Children Grieving Loved Ones Killed at War

Have You Ever Worked for a Military Family? By H.J. Fracaro Children that lose a loved one are bound to have a difficult time coping, but when they lose a parent fighting a war in another country, it becomes even more complicated. These kids are at risk of experiencing traumatic grief, which is very much […]

What Advice Do You Have When Caring for a Child After the Death of a Family Pet?

Losing the Family Pet By H.J. Fracaro For many children their first experience with death is the loss of a pet. Although it is devastating for children of all ages, it does allow them to understand the process of death and grieving. They observe the deceased will not be coming back and find a way […]

What to Expect if There is a Death in Your Charge’s Life

Children and Grief By H.J. Fracaro Most children have an encounter with death, whether it’s the death of a pet, grandparent, friend, or parent. Children of different ages understand death to varying degrees and express their sadness in different ways. Babies and toddlers under age two cannot comprehend death but are upset by the change […]