Sea Shell Painting

photoCreative Project Wednesday

The kids I care for and I love to collect a few pretty sea shells to take home as souvenirs when we visit the beach. We have made photo frames, shells hair clips, and simple necklaces with shells. This week we painted the shells to look like animals and balls.

For younger kids just painting shells in rainbow stripes or writing words on the shells like “peace,” “love,” or the kids names looks just as nice.

You Will Need:

Clean sea shells with smooth surfaces
Pencils to draw designs
Paint brushes
Acrylic paint
Sharpie markers

What to Do:

1. Cover the work surface and wear smocks
2. Clean and dry shells
3. Have kids paint shells with a base color and dry completely
4. Use a pencil to draw design
5. Use paint or Sharpie markers to finish design

Photo by Stephanie F

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