Solar S’mores

photo 2Cooking with Kids

Nothing says summer like s’mores. I can’t make campfires with the kids in their backyard. So, I used the power of the sun with the this kids to make their favorite summertime treat. Little did I know when making the s’mores that this past Wednesday was actually National S’mores Day as well. Most science web sites recommend making this type of solar oven to make sun s’mores. But, we made them an easier way by individually wrapping each cookie with aluminum foil. This is how we made ours:

You Will Need:photo 4

Hot, Sunny Day
Aluminum Foil
Graham Crackers
Bag of Marshmallows (mini are better)
Hershey Chocolate Bars

What to Do: photo 5

1. Create an assembly line of foil squares, graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows.

2. Lay a square of aluminum foil in front of the child. Have them place a graham cracker on top of the foil, then half of a chocolate bar, then place a large marshmallow or several mini photo 3marshmallows on top of the chocolate, and place another graham cracker on top to make a cookie sandwich.

3. Wrap the foil gently around the entire cookie sandwich.

4. Place in the hot sun for a few hours. We placed ours on a hot driveway. As the chocolate and marshmallows soften, gently press the cookie sandwich together and enjoy. The marshmallows will not brown or melt, just wait for them to

Photos and idea by Stephanie Felzenberg


  1. such a cute idea!! make good use of the summer sun 🙂

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