Painting with Unconventional Tools

imageCreative Wednesdays

If regular painting has become a bore allow the kids to paint with feathers, Popsicle sticks, plastic spoons, twigs, cotton swabs, and toy cars and trucks instead of using paintbrushes.

Just have the kids roll up their sleeves and wear a smock to stay clean and cover the work surface. Provide plenty of paper for the kids to paint on. I like squeezing paint onto paper plates for kids to dip their unconventional imagepainting tools into since they can be thrown out after they are done painting.

There are no rules except to let the kids have fun, get messy, and to never, ever criticize their art work!

Ideas and photos by Stephanie Felzenberg


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  2. You can also do this with coloring. During the Fall I will pick out leaves with my kids and then we go inside, put a regular white peice of paper over it, and color it so they can have the leaf impression. They love it! Thanks for another great craft project! 🙂

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