Ice Cream Foot Prints

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When you care for kids too young to do much of their own arts and crafts independently you can still use them to help make cards and gifts for their family and friends. In this project, we used a toddler’s foot to create cute birthday cards with a personal touch.

You Will Need:

White Construction Paper
Piece of Card Stock Paper
Brown and Ice Cream Colored Paint
Paper Towels
Sharpie Markers
Candy Sprinkles, Sequins, Pom Poms, and Glue (optional)

What to Do:

1. Use a paintbrush to paint plenty of brown paint onto the bottom of child’s foot.

2. Have the child step on the paper to make a foot print which will be the ice cream cone. Wipe the child’s foot immediately with wet and then dry paper towels. Let foot print dry.

3. Use pastel colored paint to make ice cream on the cone. Once dry, use a Sharpie marker to decorate the cone and ice cream. Then attach candy sprinkles, sequins, and poms poms with glue to decorate the ice cream if you want to.

4. Once all the decorations are dry, cut out the ice cream cone and paste to heavyweight, card stock paper that is folded and trimmed the size of the card you want. Let dry, sign card with a birthday greeting.


Project and photo by Heather Marinkovich


  1. These are so cute!

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