Do You Charge More for Working on the Fourth of July?

Are You Working Today or Do You Have the Fourth of July as a Paid Holiday?
Dear Nannies,
I have been a nanny in New York city for 14-years. I have always had the Fourth of July off as a paid holiday and in my current work agreement I have the day off as a paid holiday.

This year the family asked me if I would go to their beach house to work for them during their Fourth of July party. Should I charge time-and-a-half considering it is a national holiday?

NY Nanny in the Hamptons


  1. My first initial answer would be yes! If you had plans, you no longer will be available to do them. You already have it as a paid holiday. I would take a moment and clarify with my boss's. Open communication is not always the easiest, but it sure does make it for both the boss and nanny to be on the same page and understand clearly what amount will be given/charged. Happy 4th…

  2. Dear NY Nanny, I have the day off as a paid holiday. In the past I just was paid extra for the extra hours but at my regular rate because I never thought to ask for more money. But I only worked a few hours. On Christmas Eve and New Years Eve I always made more money than regular rate though. I would go ahead and ask for more. The worst that can happen is they won't pay you more but just the regular rate.

  3. I have the day off paid always. I don't see why the nanny shouldn't ask for a higher holiday rate! Worth a try! 🙂

  4. Of course you can charge more when your services are more in demand! Holidays you are more in demand! Go for it! Ask for double!

  5. I would ask for more.

  6. I have the day off paid. I thought everyone did. I have never asked for more than my regular rate when I have worked holidays but after reading this regret it.

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