Setting a Homework Routine

Monthly To-Do List

Angela Norton Tyler, author of Tutor Your Child to Reading Success explains that as with everything you do with children, setting a routine is important when it comes to homework.

The whole point in establishing a solid routine is so that homework gets done with a minimum of stress and fuss. Homework should just be a small part of the day, like brushing one’s teeth. Do not constantly talk about, debate, discuss, or fine-tune the homework routine. Set it up, and then expect every family member to follow it.

We want children to become independent and self-motivated learners. In order for this to happen, we must give kids a routine, help them follow it, and then step back so that it becomes their own. Really, we don’t have to be the Homework Police forever. If we expect and allow children to be in charge of their own homework, the day will come when they do it all by themselves.

We help kids become organized by creating routines. If children do their homework in the same spot at the same time, it will become a part of how she does things throughout their school career.

Ground Rules must be short, simple, reasonable, and clearly understood by every member of the household and any regular visitors such as Grandma.

Ground Rules should be posted. Get creative and fancy or keep it simple, but post the Homework Ground Rules so that everybody can see them. We recommend putting a copy on the refrigerator, a copy in your child’s homework binder, and a copy in the ‘homework area’- if you have one.

Ground Rules must be enforceable. There is no point in setting rules if nobody is going to follow them! If the child does not do his homework or follow an agreed-upon rule, the consequence must follow. Children are masters at making us feel guilty, but enforcing rules that benefit them is part of our job.

Homework To-Do List:

√ 1. What time must homework be started?
√ 2. How late is too late to do homework?
√ 3. Are breaks allowed? How many and how long?

√ 1. Where can homework be done?
√ 2. Where can it NOT be done?

√ 1. Can friends come over and do homework? Which friends?
√ 2. Can you talk on the phone during homework time?

√ 1. What happens if homework is not completed?
√ 2. What happens if homework is not completed regularly?

You can purchase your own copy of Angela Norton’s book by clicking links below:

Tutor Your Child to Reading Success


  1. Could you send this to my email, I have a daughter who had many questions to me on homework ideas. I can’t copy and paste or print for a couple days…afraid of losing article.

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