Sign-Up Time for Obamacare

October To-Do List Open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act begins today — October 1, 2013. All uninsured Americans will be required to have insurance coverage as of January 1, 2014. The Affordable Care Act (ACA), provides a new way to buy insurance through a health insurance marketplace. It’s lets you easily compare insurance options. […]

Setting a Homework Routine

Monthly To-Do List Angela Norton Tyler, author of Tutor Your Child to Reading Success explains that as with everything you do with children, setting a routine is important when it comes to homework. The whole point in establishing a solid routine is so that homework gets done with a minimum of stress and fuss. Homework should […]

Monthly To-Do List

Monitoring Kids in the Month of June Here in America, some kids are off from school for the summer already. Summer is a great time to have fun with the kids on a more relaxed schedule. But, nannies still need to work hard and monitor the activities of the kids in their care. Here are […]

Monthly To-Do List: Be Early This Month

Get to Work and Pick-Up the Kids Early It’s important to arrive to work on time in every profession, but for nannies parents rely on caregivers to be on time (or a few minutes early) so they can arrive at their jobs on time too. Being early to work gives caregivers a chance to take […]

Taxes: Being Prepared and Choosing Preparers

April To-Do List (posted on 4/1/13)Whether you have filed your taxes yet or not, April is a fine time for you to review your record keeping and filing procedures and make a choice of tax preparers. √ Create a Great Filing System: The choices for filing and storage of documents has never been greater and easier […]