With New Technology Comes New Ways to Find Nanny Jobs

Using Proper Interview Etiquette OnlineA new Be the Best Nanny Newsletter survey shows that more nannies are using nanny web sites to find nanny jobs than any other method. Click here to see the results. When using a nanny web site to find a nanny job the first communication between the applicants and prospective employers […]

Our Survey Shows How Nannies Find Jobs Has Changed

More Nannies Use Nanny Web Sites to Find Nanny Jobs In 2007 Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asked 503 nannies how they found their nanny jobs. Then, we asked 618 nannies the same questions in September, 2010. It appears that with new technology comes new ways to find nanny jobs. In our most current poll […]

Secure Blankets to Keep Babies Warm as it Gets Cooler

Product Review Sunday for Nannies and Au Pairs The weather is getting cooler and the baby I care for keeps kicking blankets off of her in the stroller and car seat. If you care for a baby that has a habit of kicking blankets off of herself, the Secure2Me Clip-On Baby Blanket has created a […]

Weekly Trip to the Library

Children’s Books About Leaves Changing Color and Leaf Project It is Autumn and leaves are changing color for a large portion of North America. Colorful leaves are beautiful and children love to collect leaves and make crafts with them. Below are some children’s books to share with your charges and a project to do with […]

Are Your Salary and Benefit Demands Reasonable?

Finding a Nanny Job in Tough Economic Times We have been discussing how to find a great nanny job during an economic recession. I would never say a professional, experienced, reputable nanny cannot find a great salary and good benefits during the economic recession. But it’s common sense that there are less nanny jobs available, […]

Market Skills, Without Ego Trips

Finding a Nanny Job in Tough Economy We have been sharing ways to market yourself to help find a nanny job in a tough economy. Today we suggest you market your greatest skills, without sounding arrogant. You can find nannies that have marketed their specific skills all over the Internet. There are traveling nannies, baby […]

Preparing for a Nanny Interview

Landing a Great Nanny Job in a Tough Economy We have been discussing ways to market yourself to get a great nanny job even in a bad economy. If you have marketed yourself well you will be invited to a job interview. When planning to go on a job interview, follow our advice from yesterday […]

How Do You Make a Great First Impression?

Landing a Nanny Job in a Tough Economy We have been discussing how to land a great nanny job in a tough economy. Our first suggestions were: 1. Network with anyone who will listen and by all means possible. 2. Create a standout resume. 3. Have stellar job references, getting as many in writing as […]

Do You Have Columbus Day Off?

Arts & Crafts for Columbus Day The kids have off from school today, as do many nannies. If you work today here are some really simple projects to do with the children. Christopher Columbus TelescopeTake a paper towel roll and cut construction paper to fit around the paper towel roll. Have the children decorate the […]

Can You Swim?

Being Able to Swim Can Help You Land a Great Nanny Job in a Tough Economy It’s no joke, according to the National Safety Council an estimated 5,000 children ages 14 and under are hospitalized due to unintentional drowning-related incidents each year; 15 percent die in the hospital and as many as 20 percent suffer […]