With New Technology Comes New Ways to Find Nanny Jobs

Using Proper Interview Etiquette Online

A new Be the Best Nanny Newsletter survey shows that more nannies are using nanny web sites to find nanny jobs than any other method. Click here to see the results.

When using a nanny web site to find a nanny job the first communication between the applicants and prospective employers is via email. These first emails are the first interviews.

Just as interviewees want to impress future employers during a phone or in-person interview, nannies must always use perfect manners when emailing potential employers.

Proper email etiquette includes returning all emails from possible employers immediately in a professional and friendly manner.

When emailing parents, ensure that grammar and spelling is perfect. Use spell check in addition to proofreading.

Address the parents with their last name using Mrs., Ms., Mr., and Dr. in emails just as they would when speaking to parents on the telephone or in person.

What was your first contact with your current employer? Was your first discussion via email, telephone call, or in-person?


  1. Today I read about another person being murdered by doing business on Craigslist. There are suspected killers from Craigslist.com. Two of them that come to mind are Michael John Anderson and Philip Markoff. All concerning women being murdered by being on and answering ads on Craigslist.com. One poor lady was answering a nanny job that had been posted on Craigslist. Beware of nanny job classifieds online.

  2. Although your comments are true tobagonanny, I think most of the reputable nanny websites are safer then craigslist but scams definitely do occur. It's scary because there is not screening of the people leaving ads and they certainly could be con artists, criminals or worse.

  3. Well despite the risks ladies clearly nannies are using web sites to find jobs so might as well face it and just do it safely.Farrah

  4. There are safe ways to meet someone you don't know.First off- try googling their name or e-mail address. Also if you have their home phone number you can make sure the address matchs.First meeting can be in a public place, i.e, coffee shop.Tell someone where you are going and give the name and other details-and let them know you will call them in a certain amount of time- or they can call you.

  5. Many years ago I worked for a really messed up family that I had found through an advertisement in a newspaper. They lived in a lovely home in an upscale community, and when I left the nightmare a year later they were trying to use a brick and mortar agency. My point, there is no guarantee about the reliability of a family either. Safeguards are safeguards no matter how you meet a family and nannies need to use them.

  6. It's just so convenient. We need all methods in the industry. I always sign up for both. As you wait for your agency to send you on interviews you've got to fill out info online too. Just got to. It's so easy to do.

  7. You can find jobs of higher wages online too. You never know unless you try!LindsayProfessional NannySeattle

  8. I completely disagree with using the last name and Mrs/Mr etc. Would you address a potential employer in a different industry in that manner? No. Unless they address me as Mrs, I do not do the same for them. It's a formality leftover from a time of servants and owners.

  9. I completely disagree with Anonymous above on March 11th. I think you'd be an idiot not to put your best manners and proffesionalism forward. Really you don't call your doctor DR? How does that make you a servant? Why are you afraid to include your name. I don't see how being professional makes you a servant?

  10. During the interview process yes of course you greet people with formality at every job? What jobs have you applied for Anonymous?

  11. I've worked in corporate upper management and we always used first & last names whether in the interview or in the work environment.

  12. I personally thing the advice in article is right. During the interview process your first communication should be formal. Once the parent says "Oh just call me Sarah" then you can do that from then on. When I answer the phone at my job I still greet all the parents Mrs and Mr and Dr and I do when answering questions about my boss actually. I say "No, Mr White isn't available at the moment may I take a message?" That sort of thing. I don't think it's being like a slave or servant just respectful.

  13. I agree with using proper names too. I think you present a more professional and respectful image using proper names. Emails are so casual but they are your first interview with the parents so why not present yourself as professional and respectful from the beginning? I worked for a dad and I never, ever called him by his first name in the 3 yrs I worked for him. I always said Dr. before his last name even though I worked in his home. I think spelling incorrectly and grammar may be a bigger faux pas though.

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