Positive Discipline By Rory Donaldson Positive discipline describes a way to reduce undesirable behavior, and increase desirable behavior, by rewarding the positive rather than punishing the negative. Positive Discipline describes an action that is introduced after a desirable behavior so that the behavior will be repeated in the future. Positive Discipline is based on the […]


The Three Common Discipline Styles The February 2009 Be the Best Nanny Monthly Guide will discuss discipline. To help you answer the mini-poll to the right on this blog and a more detailed survey on our web site at here are the definitions of the most common discipline styles. These definitions can be […]


How Nannies and Au Pairs Celebrate Inauguration Day with Children The Kennedy children had a nanny while living in the White House, Carter hired a governess, and Obama will have his mother-in-law to help care for his children while living in the White House. Ask the children you care for what they hope the new […]


How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day It is fitting that the first African American will be inaugurated as the 44th President of the United States of America just one day after America recognizes the civil right’s activist Martin Luther King, Jr. The inauguration will be a memorable moment in […]


Obama is Getting a Puppy for His Children. Are You Expected to Care for Pets? With the inauguration of the 44th President of the United States of America approaching this Tuesday there is much talk about what type of dog Barack Obama will get his daughters Malia and Sasha when they move into the White […]

Nanny and Au Pair Book Reviews

Weekly Trip to the Library: Children’s Books to Protect Against Child Abuse Subscribers to Be the Best Nanny Monthly Guide often comment that their favorite column in the nanny newsletter is “Weekly Trip to the Library.” Due to the popularity of the column we hope to include reviews of your favorite children’s, parenting, and […]

Au Pair and Nanny Privacy and Confidentiality Survey

Monthly Poll ResultsIn April, 2008, 596 people that took the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll at Five hundred and seven of the survey participants were nannies or au pairs, 38 were parents, and 37 were nanny agency staff or owners. Below is just a small portion of the survey that applies to the discussion […]

Paying Nannies and Housekeepers on the Books

Nannygate for Treasury Secretary NomineeYesterday we discussed that President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Timothy Geithner, was nominated by President Elect Barack Obama as Treasury Secretary. Geithner was supposed to have a confirmation hearing today after learning about his failure to pay self-employment taxes while working at the International Monetary Fund. […]

NANNYGATE — Here We Go Again

Will Another Politician Lose Nomination for Not Paying Taxes? It has happened before: Zoe Baird, Linda Chavez, Bernard Kerik, and Kimba Wood, all have lost political appointments due to not paying their domestic employee’s taxes, which is required by law. Now another politician, Timothy Geithner, may lose his bid for Treasury Secretary for not paying […]

How Nannies & Au Pairs Should Teach Children About Privacy

Safe, Unsafe, and Unwanted TouchesTo continue the discussion of privacy and children here is information about teaching children about safe, unsafe, and unwanted touches. Although there is no medical concern when children touch their genitals, they must learn not to touch their genitals when other people are present. In her article, “Teaching Preschoolers About Privacy” […]