Nannies, Au Pairs, Children, and Privacy

Respecting the Privacy of Children While Teaching Them to Respect PrivacyTo get back to the topic of privacy that we have been discussing, children must learn to respect privacy and caregivers must respect children’s privacy when possible. By the time children are ready to enter school, they must have a well developed respect of the […]

Con-Artist Nanny

Disturbing Child Dumping Scheme According to the news report linked to this blog post, when hired to care for a family’s twins a nanny, Roxanna Patricia Villamarin, said she was taking the children to the library but was really dropping them off at a rundown apartment. The article reads, “According to officials, Villamarin had been […]


The nanny or au pair, child, and parents should sign an Online Safety Contract and post it next to the computer used by the child. SAMPLE NANNY OR AU PAIR, CHILD & PARENT ONLINE SAFETY CONTRACT: 1. I promise to never tell anyone on the Internet my age. 2. I will never give anyone my […]

How Nannies & Au Pairs Monitor Children’s Internet Usage

No Privacy for Children Using Information Highway We have been discussing issues of privacy for nannies and au pairs, the parents that employ in-home caregivers, and nanny placement agencies. Today we will discuss the dangers of the information highway and how caregivers can ensure that the use of the Internet by children is safe and […]

Internet Privacy for Nannies & Au Pairs

Nanny and Au Pair Internet Use Do’s and Don’ts: We have been discussing issues of privacy for nannies and au pairs. Using the Internet at work can become an issue as privacy as well. The use of computers commonly pervades every facet of life. Yet, nannies and au pairs may not always have computers available […]

Privacy and Nanny Placement Agencies

The Responsibilities of Nanny Referral Agencies. When discussing issues of privacy for nannies we must include privacy and confidentiality of nanny placement agencies. A diligent nanny employment agency will ask for sensitive private information from prospective nannies so that a thorough search of the candidates can be conducted. The research examines and verifies the information […]


Nannies and au pairs should expect total privacy from employers against all searches of personal property unless nannies freely consent to such searches. Without prior permission, parents cannot open or examine the contents of packages, bags, coats, or any personal property of nannies and au pairs. Diaries, mail, and personal computers are not subject to […]

Tracking Nannies

More Than Nanny Cams Yesterday we discussed building trust between nannies and parents by conducting thorough interviews, background checks, and by using nanny cams. We should mention there are other technologies parents use to track nannies. Parents may use global positioning systems (GPS) in the cars used by nannies to transport children. Employer supplied […]

Nanny Cams

How to Build Trust Between Parents and Nannies. This week we will discuss issues of privacy for nannies. We will start by discussing nanny cams. It is estimated that more than one million cases of child abuse occur in the United States annually. A very small percentage of these cases involve nannies. In 2001, the […]

Results: Did the Economy Affect Nanny Bonuses?

The Results Are In After posting our article, Did the Economy Affect Nanny Bonuses?, the results of our Best Nanny Newsletter Blog poll asking nannies if their end of year bonus was affected by the economy is complete. Eighty-eight (88) nannies replied to the poll. Fifty-one nannies (58%) answered “No,” their holiday bonus was […]