How Nannies and Au Pairs Celebrate Inauguration Day with Children

The Kennedy children had a nanny while living in the White House, Carter hired a governess, and Obama will have his mother-in-law to help care for his children while living in the White House.

Ask the children you care for what they hope the new President of the United States of America will accomplish during his term.

Do the children have any advice to share with Barack Obama for the next four-years?

When asked these questions my nine-year-old charge said he hopes the new President will make considerable changes in the world climate. The nine-year-old suggests the President encourage more use of wind and solar power and hopes that the new President will force the auto makers to make electric cars or cars that can run on ethanol. The nine-year-old also thinks all citizens should be forced to recycle. Can you tell he has read the teen version of An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore?

On the other hand, my five-year-old charge had more personal concerns and less of a global vision. He asked me if Barack Obama is allowed to force all parents to buy their children dogs. When I said the new President would not be able to force his parents to get the five-year-old a dog, my charge asked, “Why not? He’s the boss of everyone!”

The five-year-old also asked me, “Can I ask the President to give every kid a gumball machine?”

I am glad that the five-year-old has age-appropriate concerns. At least he isn’t worrying about the topics that burden most adult Americans these days.

Ask the children you care for what their advice or vision for the new President is and feel free to share their answers with us below by clicking “comments.”


  1. When I asked what they want the new President to achieve the children just said they want today to be a holiday and that they didn’t want to go to school. Perhaps they will show coverage at school? If not, it’ll be all over the Internet tonight.I am an Indain American woman and I can not stop crying tears of joy for this moment in history. I have chills and the news coverage is just emotional and wonderful. I keep discussing this historic day in American history. They year I was born Dr King was killed and Kennedy was killed and exactly 40 yrs later we have an African American president. Just wonderful day in history.

  2. I care for three children. The oldes was asked to write the President’s innagural address for school. Today they will stand in front of their class and pretend to be Obama saying his speech. The boy in my charge talked about climate change too. He said he wants wind farms and solar power and electric cars. The other two boys are too young to come up with good answers.Michelle near Boston

  3. The school-age boy I care for wants Birthday treats allowed back in school for Birthday parties. His school no longer allows junk food.Erin, Nanny in D.C.

  4. The third grade girl I care for says she wants to have solar power in homes and hybrid cars.The fifth grader wants a greener planet but he wants the end of war and wants peace too.The preschooler doesn’t have an answer. I just keep telling him remember today because you will want to tell your children you remember your nanny said to remember this day in history. Colleen in NYC

  5. The 5 yr old twins are so funny. They want no more trees cut down so that the air can breathe! They are getting there!! Larissa, Colorado

  6. I asked the children and they laughed at first. The pre-teen daughter wants no more war. She hopes for peace at all costs and war only as a last resort. The high school boy wants green technology. He wants America to make electric cars that can be charged at any normal gas station and replace gasoline with ethanol. They both said they want more jobs for everyone. They are older so their answers are appropriate, not funny. Household Manager, Nanny Ruby in Pennsylvania

  7. They watched Obama sworn in at school. One of the children asked what “WILL power” means, if it’s the same as WIND power? Since the children are taught about global warming in school. Nanny Yvonne in New York City

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