Nannies and Au Pairs and Housekeeping

How Much Cleaning is a Nanny’s Responsibility? There is hardly a more controversial topic for nannies than how many housekeeping duties are their responsibility. Professional nannies pride themselves in being responsible for the care of children and often resent also being asked to clean the home they work in. Undoubtedly, much of the day caring […]

Au Pair and Nanny Privacy and Confidentiality Survey

Monthly Poll ResultsIn April, 2008, 596 people that took the Best Nanny Newsletter monthly poll at Five hundred and seven of the survey participants were nannies or au pairs, 38 were parents, and 37 were nanny agency staff or owners. Below is just a small portion of the survey that applies to the discussion […]

What to Charge on New Year’s Eve

Is it Fair to Ask for More Per Hour Working on New Year’s Eve? Andrea Flagg, professional nanny and co-founder of Nanny Alliance of New York and New Jersey asked Best Nanny Newsletter “Is it fair to ask for more than usual on New Year’s Eve?” We believe, in the spirit of the […]

Did The Economy Affect Nanny Bonuses?

We received many responses about the topic of holiday bonuses for nannies after Best Nanny Newsletter was quoted in the Wall St Journal (see below or click this link): Now that Christmas is over we asked Best Nanny Newsletter subscribers, “If you work as a nanny did the economy affect your holiday bonus or […]


One-thousand one-hundred and twenty-seven (1,127) in-home childcare providers responded to this monthly online poll at: The complete results are in the nanny trade publication. Below are listed the hourly pay averages from part-time caregivers that participated in the poll. Forty-nine percent (49%) of the caregivers are part-time nannies, 34% are full-time nannies, 8% are […]