Did The Economy Affect Nanny Bonuses?

We received many responses about the topic of holiday bonuses for nannies after Best Nanny Newsletter was quoted in the Wall St Journal (see below or click this link): http://blogs.wsj.com/juggle/2008/12/19/holiday-bonus-what-to-give-the-nanny/

Now that Christmas is over we asked Best Nanny Newsletter subscribers, “If you work as a nanny did the economy affect your holiday bonus or end of year bonus this year?”

The answers of our first 51 email responses are split right down the middle with 26 working nannies responding their bonus was not affected by the economy and the other 25 answering, “Yes,” their bonus was affected by the economy.

Tess Krier, a nanny from Minnesota says, “In the past I would get a cash bonus of $1,000 to $2,000 plus gifts valued at $500 to $1,000 dollars.” Some gifts Ms. Krier has received include, “trips, theatre tickets, a flight to New York, cooking classes, plus nice gifts from the charges.” But this year Ms. Krier explains, “I have not got anything yet. My boss lost his job a month ago. They have not let me go yet. They have cut my hours and are paying me cash. I think they want me to quit.”

Maria Lopez, an experienced live-in nanny, was working in the San Francisco Bay Area until the father she worked for lost his job. Ms. Lopez says, “The father lost his job in October and he has not been able to find a new job. It was a hard decision for the parents and me but I had to move back home with my parents in the Midwest this Christmas.” Ms. Lopez remains optimistic, “The nanny agency that placed me is certain I will find a new live-in nanny position shortly,” says the nanny.

Lori, a nanny from Austin, Texas explains that despite working with the same family for two years she,” got no bonus at all.” This nanny feels slighted since she says, “The child’s Christmas was not affected by the economy. They spent thousands on the child.”

But, still half the responses reported their bonus was not affected negatively by the economy. For example, Kellie Geres a nanny in Potomac, Maryland explained, “No, my bonus was not affected.”

Heather, a nanny working in New Jersey answered, “My bonus went up to three weeks pay and some pricey gifts. Even more surprising is that both of the parents that employ me work on Wall Street for companies bailed-out by the government. If anyone should be suffering I would assume it would be them. But they have not cut-back much on their spending habits. If these parents aren’t cutting back on their spending hopefully other great nannies are getting great bonuses too.”

Other nannies, like Marcia Van de Kieft from Orlando, Florida are just cautious, “I think times are tough this year for everyone — rich or poor.”

If you work as a nanny was your end of the year bonus affected by the economy? Please click “comments” below.


  1. My holiday bonus was not affected at all.Mindy Pannell, Greenwhich, CT

  2. I was given about 2 weeks salary (hard to say after taxes what I actually brought home) but I think they paid me between 2 weeks and 2 and 1/2 weeks salary for my end of year bonus. Not as many expensive gifts as last year. But I prefer the good bonus anyway. I guess I’m luck compared to half of those that responded!Full-time, live-out nanny, NJ

  3. No noticable change in holiday bonus, presents, or parent’s spending this year for me.Career Nanny Sally, Seattle WA

  4. I have been at the same nanny job for 2 yrs and I got $1,000 bonus this year, same as last year. The family also gave me nice gifts. Parents aren’t worried about their jobs. I’m not worried, yet. Mary, Boston Nanny

  5. I have no idea as I started this job in January of this year but I would say it was in the ball park of what I have received from other families. I received a holiday bonus that was between my gross and net pay amounts as well as nice Christmas gifts, a stocking overflowing with edibles, and gifts for each night I joined the family to light the Hanukkah candles. I received things that I needed and wanted as well as items that fit my tastes and interests and my employer never asked me any questions so that shows that she pays attention and thinks things through and I appreciate that a lot.MaryAnn X. Meddish, Nanny, Bloomfield Hills, MI

  6. I work in Wisconsin and felt no difference this year from others.

  7. My bonus actually grew as I recieved a significant raise about two months ago and I got a huge present on top of that.

  8. My end of the year bonus was not affected and I live and work in Arizona. The parents and I are spending like always. Dianne in Arizona

  9. I did not get as much as I expected. I had expected an increase in bonus this year. But, the bonus remained the same. It’s not due to the economy.

  10. We paid our nanny the same generous bonus as usual. We want her to stay.

  11. My bonus was not affected by the economy.Louise, nanny in Alaska

  12. I am in Manhattan and my bonus was not affected negatively this year. The mother and father I work for work on Wall St too. So far for my nanny friends no drama yet.Meghan Nanny five years experience

  13. I am psyched, my bonus wasn’t lower but higher this year! The news media made me so scared. Thank you for posting so much information in the newsletter and now on this blog.

  14. My hours were decreased this fall but thankfully my bonus remained high. I make less per week now but my bonus was still over $1,000 like last year. Whew.L.D. on East Coast

  15. I’m a nanny in Miami. My bonus was okay. But friends in NJ and NY both lost their jobs. So their bonus was affected by economy because they lost their jobs.

  16. Nanny Kim from Long IslandMy bonus and job have NOT been affected by the economy. We are doing great.

  17. My bonus was not a problem this year despite the economic recession. I am a nanny that works in Manhattan and live in Brooklyn.

  18. My bonus was not affected but many of my friend’s were. Nannies gossip and we all know who got a good bonus and who didn’t. I don’t know every cent and dollar but I know who I would and wouldn’t want to work for in town.Nanny in NYC

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