Home Care Workers Included in Fair Labor Standards Act!

Major Step for Domestic Workers Yesterday the White House released new regulations to include home care workers in the Fair Labor Standards Act! Last Wednesday, the California State Senate passed the Domestic Worker Bill of Rights, AB 241! The announcement from the White House is part of a broad movement to win dignity, respect, and […]

Spoon Painting

Wednesdays with Whitney Painting is such a great way to express yourself, but sometimes paintbrushes just don’t tell the whole story. I find that this unorthodox method of painting is a great way to help children express their high powered emotions, like anger or excitement. Try it out the next time your little one gets […]

Nanny Confessions: It is Just Easier to Work When I am Sick

Does the Family You Work for Have a Back-Up Plan in Case You are Sick? If you get sick do you and the parents have a back-up plan? In all the nanny jobs I have ever worked at for the past 20-years the families I work for and I have never had a temporary nanny […]

Nanny Daily Log Sheets

Click here to print out Infant Daily Log Professional Nannies Log Their Day for the Parents Anne M. Geissler of The Child Care Textbook  explains that each day upon the parent’s return, nannies inform the parents on how the children ate, slept, and what they did during the day. After an evening out, babysitters who are […]

Lollacup: No Spill

Products Nannies Love Typically nannies expect a big, wet mess when kids are learning to use a straw. Kids instinctively tip cups up like they do when using a bottle which makes liquid spill when using a straw. But not anymore. Now there is Lollacup. Lollacup is an innovative straw sippy cup that makes a great […]

Absolutely Normal Chaos

Book Reviews by Kids for Kids By Josie, 10-Years-Old The story Absolutely Normal Chaos by Sharon Creech is my favorite book of all time. I love the main character, Mary Lou Finney. Mary Lou is a 13-year-old girl and has a crazy summer. Mary Lou writes a diary about her summer because her new English teacher […]

Making Soft Pretzels

Cooking with Kids Recipe from Taste of Home, photos by Stephanie Felzenberg Baking encourages children to be creative using all of their senses. Seeing their friends and family eat what they helped to bake improves their sense of achievement and self-esteem. These soft pretzels from Taste of Home can be made salty or sweet — […]

The Dos of Communicating with Parents

Talking with Your Employers By Anne Merchant Geissler, The Child Care Textbook Before talking with your employers, set an agenda. Decide on the topic for discussion and  agree on how much time will be allotted with the understanding that there may be future meetings. Keep focused on the current issues and keep track of time. […]

Dry Erase Surfaces

dry erase board Wednesdays with Whitney Dry Erase boards are great for practicing letters, learning math, and playing games like tic tac toe over and over again. Plus, they’re mess free! Unfortunately, small dry erase boards get lost easily and large ones can be expensive. Try these alternatives for some everyday around the house fun! […]

Don’t Ignore 9/11 with Children

Nanny Confessions: It’s Hard to Discuss 9/11 with Children I confess I hate talking about 9/11. And I confess it’s even harder speaking to kids about 9/11. But, I have been seeing public service announcements on television about the importance of speaking with kids about what happened on 9/11, rather than ignoring the topic. Everyone […]