How Do You Play With Kids in the Snow?

The Snowy Day By Ezra Jack Keats and Activities Review by wannabwester The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats won the prestigious Caldecott Award in 1963. The book is not only a fine story, but also featured the first African American main character to be depicted in a children’s picture book. This ground-breaking book was […]

Nannies: 50 Years Ago JFK Asked What You Can Do For Your Country

Nannygate by Being Paid-Under-the-Table is IllegalFifty years ago today John F Kennedy delivered his infamous inauguration speech best-remembered line: “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country will do for you – ask what you can do for your country.” Nannygate is the popular term for employers who don’t pay their household employee’s […]

Would You Work in a Nanny Share?

Penny-Pinching Parents Share Nannies By Vikki Ortiz Healy They met through a mutual friend. Over Starbucks, brunch and other dates, they discovered they were both family-oriented, enjoyed similar hobbies and understood each other’s career goals. So after just a few months, Sarah Greenspan and Rachel Graupe, both of Buffalo Grove, agreed to take the next […]

Are You the Typical American Nanny?

What is the Typical Nanny Job in America? We want to know what the typical American nanny job is like. Please click here to take our poll so we can add your statistics to our findings. We will publish the results in the next issue of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter.

What Are You Doing with Children for MLK Day?

How Nannies and Au Pairs Can Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day To honor Martin Luther King, Jr. many schools have are in recess today. So, there is no better time then to engage the children in activities and age appropriate discussions about the civil rights movement in American history. These activities and discussions perfectly […]

Prince Lionheart Potty Pod

Products Nannies LoveReview by Jenae If you think that all toilet training potties are created equal, you are so very wrong. Let me just tell you all of the wonderful things about this snazzy potty. Awesome built-in deflector shield. If you are the mother [or caregiver] of a little boy, you know how important this […]

Nannies and Au Pairs: Do You Go on Facebook While Working?

Mother Admits to Playing Facebook Game as Son Drowned According to Denver’s ABC 7 News, the mother of a one-year-old boy confessed she had been busy on Facebook when her son, who had been left unattended, drowned in the tub. Citing an arrest affidavit, ABC 7 News reports, “Shannon Johnson, 34, admitted to police that […]

Nanny Tax Deductions

Don’t Overlook Tax Deductions Take your time when preparing your taxes. Don’t miss simple tax deductions. Here are some. If we forgot some, please let us know what we have missed in comments below. Student Loan Interest Paid by Your ParentsGenerally, you can only deduct mortgage or student-loan interest if you are legally required to […]

Are You a Nannygate Statistic?

Nannies, Do You Pay Your Taxes? Nannygate has become the popular term for employers who don’t pay their household employee’s taxes. Nannygate is an epidemic in America. We won’t pretend anyone likes to pay taxes. But, there are many great benefits to being paid legally. 1. History of Legitimate Employment 2. Unemployment Benefits 3. Disability […]

Where Do You Get Your Taxes Done?

You Must Have Your W-2 by January 31stBy law, your employer must give you your W-2 form by January 31, 2011. You need the W-2 to fill out your 2010 taxes. Your employer will save a copy, you need to save a copy, and you will need to include copies with both your state and […]