Prince Lionheart Potty Pod

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Review by Jenae

If you think that all toilet training potties are created equal, you are so very wrong. Let me just tell you all of the wonderful things about this snazzy potty.
Awesome built-in deflector shield. If you are the mother [or caregiver] of a little boy, you know how important this is. No more accidental sprays all over the bathroom tile! Our old potty had a removable deflector shield, which meant there was a little slot where “stuff” could collect.
One-piece removable bowl that can be lifted straight off. You don’t have to remove the seat first to dump the contents. In fact, it is so easy that Big Brother now lifts it off, dumps his potty, and rinses it all by himself. Woo-hoo for independence!
Made with Anti-microbial material: From the Prince Lionheart web site, “The ONLY Anti-Microbial pottyPOD™ on the market! The soft, cushion surface of the pottyPOD™ is treated with an EPA approved additive to inhibit the growth of microorganisms that may cause spoilage, odors and mildew.” Genius!

Height Adjustable: When we work up the courage in about a year or so to attempt to potty train Little Brother, this potty chair will fit him like a glove and still meet the needs of our first in-house “expert.”
Soft and cushy seat: Big Brother commented on how soft and squishy it was the first time he sat on it! Why don’t they make adult toilet seats out of this super-soft material?

Lovely colors and sleek design: Take your pick…green, pink, or blue! We chose the green to go with the decor in the boy’s bathroom.

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  1. Outstanding series on potty training! Thanks I have a lot of reading to do! Best resource for nannies!

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