There are no innocent bystanders when being bullied.

Nannies must teach children to help stop a bully. Last week we started the discussion of bullies. In a bullying situation, there are usually bystanders, but they aren’t exactly innocent. Bullying usually happens with other kids around. Having an audience is very important to a bully. She wants people to see what she’s doing, and […]

Lessons You Can Teach Children About Bullies

Are school bullies bothering the children you care for?By Dianne Hadaway, The New York Times Company When children are bullied, physically or mentally, they may be fearful of talking about it. They don’t want to make the situation worse, or could be afraid no one will help or take it seriously. If a child has […]

Confessions of a Nanny

Jonathan Bender, AOL Find a Job Anne Arnold was fresh out of college and a nanny. She thought she could handle 15-hour workdays and being one of the six servants in an Italian manor. It was when she suspected the family of laundering money that she decided there were easier (and less dangerous) ways to […]

Beyond Parenting Basics

Weekly Trip to the Library Caring for a child is a big responsibility. From the moment a caregiver takes charge, the responsibility of the child’s safety, health, and general well being rests with the childcare provider. Beyond Parenting Basics: The International Nanny Association’s Official Guide to In-Home Child Care was developed to help prepare caregivers and […]

How Nannies Can Teach Children to Stand Up to Bullies

We can teach children that are being bullied to respect themselves by standing up to bullies. There is a lot of new information about dealing with bullies all over the Internet, journals, and textbooks. The current belief of many child psychologists, teachers, and guidance counselors today is to teach children to stand up for themselves. […]

Types of Bullies

We started discussing how important it is to help teach children to respect themselves and others in July, 2009. Michelle D. a nanny from Fort Lauderdale, FL is trying to help a child to respect herself and stand up to bullies. Michelle explains, “One of the girls I care for is very heavy and is […]

When Problems Arise Keep a Non-judgmental Attitude

By Anne Merchant Geissler, Author of The Child Care Textbook We have been discussing respect. To be respectful of your employers you must try not to judge the parents. The ability to be non-judgmental is a necessary factor in maintaining an open line of communication. An empathetic professional acknowledges and accepts the feelings and emotions […]

Reduce Stress — Don’t Overreact

To Respect Parents, Nannies Must Reduce Stress and Not Overreact On Sunday, we began discussing nannies that gossip about their employers. It is not respectful to gossip about others. Another common obstacle for nannies when they need to communicate with their employer’s in a respectful manner is the tendency of some caregivers to overreact. Anne […]

Don’t Gossip About Your Boss

Nanny Do’s and Dont’s of Speaking with Parents In July we started the discussion of teaching children to respect themselves and others. Click here to see the first post on the topic. When discussing respect we must also consider how nannies respect children and parents. We already talked about Ariel T., a nanny that admitted […]

Weekly Trip to the Library

Playwise: 365 Activities for Building Character, Conscience, and Emotional Intelligence in ChildrenBy Denise Chapman Weston and Mark S. WestonPublished by Penguin Group. August 1996. Children learn by playing. Playwise describes fun activities to play with children to help them develop confidence, caring, and sense of honor they’ll need to make their way in a the […]