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Caring for a child is a big responsibility. From the moment a caregiver takes charge, the responsibility of the child’s safety, health, and general well being rests with the childcare provider.

Beyond Parenting Basics: The International Nanny Association’s Official Guide to In-Home Child Care was developed to help prepare caregivers and parents for the responsibility that comes along with being a primary caregiver.

Co-authored by Sara McCormack Hoffman, director of the Professional Nanny Program at Minnesota State College and International Nanny Association (INA) Credentialed Nanny and author of Nanny to the Rescue!Working Mom’s 411, and Mom’s Ultimate Book of Lists, Michelle LaRowe, Beyond Parenting Basics  is the perfect resource for anyone who desires to become a better caregiver.

Designed for use by those wishing to expand their knowledge of childcare, Beyond Parenting Basics is perfect for those preparing for a career as an in-home childcare provider or those already working in the field who wish to take the International Nanny Association’s (INA) Nanny Credential Exam to become an INA Credentialed Nanny.

Beyond Parenting Basics also serves as an important resource for parents who wish to improve their parenting skills through the expansion of their childcare knowledge. Beyond Parenting Basics gives expert advice, presents up to date, reliable information and shares tried and true tips for providing the best childcare on topics including: health and safety, language, literacy, physical development, social development, emergency preparedness, emotional development, professionalism, nutrition, and more!

Purchase your own copy of the books mentioned by clicking the link below:

Beyond Parenting Basics: The International Nanny Association’s Official Guide to In-Home Child Care



Nanny to the Rescue!: Straight Talk and Super Tips for Parenting in the Early Years


 Working Mom’s 411: How To Manage Kids, Career and Home



Mom’s Ultimate Book of Lists, A: 100+ Lists to Save You Time, Money, and Sanity


  1. Why does everyone seem the need to kiss up to the INA?

  2. INA has been around for many years. While I don't agree with the way they choose to do some things, they do still have the nanny profession as their #1 Priority. And they have tried for years and years, as some other nanny organizations have folded.It takes alot of effort to run an organization, and I admire them for that, especially since most of the people involved are volunteers who are very passionate about the nanny profession.I've read parts of the book that they have released to the public so far, and I think it's very good.Actually, everything I've read that is put out thru the INA has been excellent! So even if I don't agree with the way they choose to run some things- i.e, the high cost of membership and conf. fees to nannies (#1 reason why I have not re-newed my membership)I will still support them in other ways and I personally feel any nanny can benefit from what INA has to offer.I also want to note, that the board has changed and there are some awesome people on it now, so even if you've been turned off by them in the past, give them another try. I think you will be pleased with them now. They are trying very hard, and could use the support of the nanny community!P.S.- Thank you Steph for posting the info. about the book, I think all nannies should read a copy when it's out. I can't wait to get mine!~Andrea- Professional Career Nanny in NJ

  3. Great that they have published a resource to use to study for their credential exam. No complaints here.Maria Lopez in Miami

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