More Health Care Reform Timeline

Reform to Happen in 2010 Long-Term Care: Initiate a process of establishing a voluntary insurance program that will expand and lower costs of community-based housing and living assistance for the elderly and disabled. Medical Malpractice: Initiate a five-year demonstration program to allow states to develop alternatives to current tort litigation methods. Health Care Personnel: Establish […]

Health Reform Timeline 2010

Medicare and Prescription Drugs Medicare This Year:— Provides $250 rebate for those who reach the ‘donut hole.’— Ban new physician-owned hospitals in Medicare.— Expand Medicare coverage to individuals who have been exposed to environmental health hazards.–Coordinate coverage for dual-eligibles.— Justify productivity and efficacy of Medicare providers. Medicaid This Year:— Cover childless adults and family planning […]

Health Reform Timeline

In 2010 Expect Insurance Reforms If it seems not much has happened since the health reform law here are some health insurance reforms to be implemented this year: Require insurance plans to allocate at least 85% of premiums for benefits for large groups, 80% for small groups. Rebates start January 1, 2011. Review all premium […]

Health Reform and Kids

In general, the health care reform bill expands coverage for kids, adolescents, and young adults. No denial for pre-existing conditions. Health care reform prohibits insurers from excluding from coverage children with pre-existing health conditions. This provision takes effect immediately. The law also prohibits insurers from excluding adults with pre-existing conditions, but may not be mandatory […]

Improving America’s Health Care Delivery System

This week we have been discussing health insurance reform. Today we will list how the new legislation may improve health care delivery system for American nannies. Heath insurance reform also improves the way Americans get their health care by: 1. Providing financial incentives for physicians who provide primary care services and investing in programs to […]

Making Coverage More Affordable, Portable, Stable for Nannies

Monday we discussed how health insurance reform benefits working, breastfeeding mothers. Tuesday we listed the immediate benefits of health insurance reform. Today we list ways health insurance reform increases coverage and improves portability and stability of your existing coverage. Some of the ways health insurance reform increases access to coverage and improves the portability and […]

Immediate Benefits of Health Insurance Reform for Nannies

In January 2010 I went to the emergency room and was admitted for two days. The charges are over $18,000 in hospital and medical bills for two days of hospital care. For other nannies like myself, health insurance reform is a sign of hope for our future medical expenses. Without health insurance reform, the number […]

What Health Care Reform Means for Nursing Mothers

By Erinn Springer The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the recently passed health insurance legislation, has a few provisions that will really benefit nursing mothers in the workplace. When President Barack Obama signed the legislation, employers with more than 50 employees were then required to provide nursing mothers “reasonable break time” to express breast […]

The Nanny Nation

Two Final Notes on Healthcare ReformBy Polly Sci Whenever I google the term “Nanny” I find more links to political blogs, than to blogs written for in-home childcare providers. Some opponents of healthcare changes express disdain for all government intervention in an individuals life by describing proposed changes in healthcare as the spread of a […]

Nannies and Healthcare Reform Part IV

The Elderly and Death PanelsBy Polly Sci We have been discussing healthcare reform. Changes in Medicare could alter how seniors use healthcare services, at least as outlined in House versions of the bill. Current proposals attempt to promote preventive services and medical screenings by eliminating co-payments for those services. The purpose of this approach is […]