The Nanny Nation

Two Final Notes on Healthcare Reform
By Polly Sci

Whenever I google the term “Nanny” I find more links to political blogs, than to blogs written for in-home childcare providers.

Some opponents of healthcare changes express disdain for all government intervention in an individuals life by describing proposed changes in healthcare as the spread of a “nanny nation.”

The United States should be so fortunate to have leaders of government and business exhibit the degree of care and concern that nannies do for their charges. If the leaders did behave like nannies, the nation would be more patient, more ethical, more tolerant, and more polite than it is now.

Opponents and proponents of healthcare changes make widely different claims about the needs and benefits of various proposals. I urge you to assess those claims by searching non-partisan fact-checking sites for objective appraisals of facts versus myths.

If you work as a nanny please take our survey about health insurance so your input can be included in our October 2009 issue of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter, by clicking here.


  1. What they fail to acknowledge is that everything we can think of is subsidized in some way by taxes. If you're a parent, you get a break. If your children attend public school, taxes pay for that education. The roads we drive play a huge part because without those roads, we wouldn't get to school, our food, our emergency services, etc. How much would these things truly cost us individually? If that's a nanny state, so be it. I've always thought of nanny state being more in the terms of telling you how much tylenol you can take like England.

  2. Amen to that. It drives me nuts. I used to google alert NANNY but all google sends are articles about the NANNY NATION. So frustrating. I recommend bookmarking your favorite nanny sites so you can keep updated on childcare issues not nanny nation retoric.Polly in Harrisburg PA

  3. There will never be too much government involvement in this country — the conservatives will make sure of that. Same with no regulation — the liberals will make sure there are regulations. The cycle of politics. The arguments are great because it's our right to disagree and argue. Cannot have change without argments. If not argue now, then when? No better time for everyone to be passionate about the topic than now. It ought to end up somewhere in the middle as most laws and regulations do.

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