The Au Pair Experience by Washington Post

The Washington PostThe Au Pair ExperienceBy Stacey Garfinkle The recession’s been hitting home in all sorts of ways. And as parents lose their jobs, so, too, do their nannies, writes Annie Gowen in The Washington Post. Nannies in the D.C. region average about $16 per hour, Gowen writes, a huge sum for most of us […]

A Nanny’s Diary for Newsweek

Taking care of another woman’s child was supposed to be a temporary situation as I figured out my next career move. But have I found a calling?By Amy TurekNewsweek I lost my job in June 2008, just before most Americans lost the bulk of their retirement savings in the tumbling stock market. I’d been working […]

When Nannies and Parents Come From Different Cultures

In the May, 2008 The Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology published a study entitled, “What happens when parents and nannies come from different cultures? Comparing the care giving belief systems of nannies and their employers.” The June 2009 issue of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter discusses the findings in the study in detail. The differences between the […]

The Pros and Cons of Being a Live-In Nanny

Donna Moore is an 18-year-old high school graduate originally from Birmingham, Alabama that moved to Fairfield, Connecticut for a year to work as a live-in nanny. She has found that working for a family with three children has been a great opportunity. The live-in nanny explains, “The family welcomed me with open arms and have […]

It Isn’t Luck When Siblings Get Along

Handling Sibling Bickering Siblings cannot get along perfectly all the time. Even the sweetest children bicker with their siblings. But, if children see how their caregivers appropriately handle conflicts then common sibling bickering can actually help teach sisters and brothers how to resolve conflicts, share, problem-solve, manage frustration, compromise, and to respect others. Here are […]


How Au Pairs and Nannies Teach Kids To Share Children cannot understand the concept of sharing until they are between three and four years old. Until that time they will need adult supervision to encourage sharing. When visitors come over it is a good idea to put each child’s favorite toys and belongings away so […]

Health Insurance for Au Pairs

J1 Visa Health Insurance is Obligatory for Exchange VisitorsBy Armen Wilson Health insurance is for everyone. If you believe that you are absolutely fit and there will be no need to visit a doctor in near future, you cannot be more off target. There is no special time for an accident to take place. Any […]

Nannies, Au Pairs, Children, and Privacy

Respecting the Privacy of Children While Teaching Them to Respect PrivacyTo get back to the topic of privacy that we have been discussing, children must learn to respect privacy and caregivers must respect children’s privacy when possible. By the time children are ready to enter school, they must have a well developed respect of the […]

Privacy and Nanny Placement Agencies

The Responsibilities of Nanny Referral Agencies. When discussing issues of privacy for nannies we must include privacy and confidentiality of nanny placement agencies. A diligent nanny employment agency will ask for sensitive private information from prospective nannies so that a thorough search of the candidates can be conducted. The research examines and verifies the information […]


Nannies and au pairs should expect total privacy from employers against all searches of personal property unless nannies freely consent to such searches. Without prior permission, parents cannot open or examine the contents of packages, bags, coats, or any personal property of nannies and au pairs. Diaries, mail, and personal computers are not subject to […]