Siblings that Share a Room

Siblings often have to share a bedroom (especially when a family has multiples). Nannies and au pairs can help siblings share a room successfully by remembering the children are individuals and helping them keep their belongings organized. Here are some ways to help siblings who share a bedroom. First make sure children of the same […]

It Isn’t Luck When Siblings Get Along

Handling Sibling Bickering Siblings cannot get along perfectly all the time. Even the sweetest children bicker with their siblings. But, if children see how their caregivers appropriately handle conflicts then common sibling bickering can actually help teach sisters and brothers how to resolve conflicts, share, problem-solve, manage frustration, compromise, and to respect others. Here are […]


How Au Pairs and Nannies Can Help Teach Children to ShareBy Cathy MalleyCooperative Extension Educator, Child DevelopmentUniversity of ConnecticutCooperative Extension YOU WILL LEARN: that it is not easy for young children to share. that you should be a good example and show the children how to share. that you should encourage and help children while […]


How Au Pairs and Nannies Teach Kids To Share Children cannot understand the concept of sharing until they are between three and four years old. Until that time they will need adult supervision to encourage sharing. When visitors come over it is a good idea to put each child’s favorite toys and belongings away so […]