Nine Ways to Ensure Siblings Get Along

Here are some simple things nannies and au pairs can do every day to prevent sibling fighting. 1. Set ground rules for acceptable behavior. No cursing, no name-calling, no yelling, no hitting, and no door slamming allowed. 2. Solicit their input on the rules and consequences. This teaches kids that they are responsible for their […]

Advice from Nannies and Au Pairs About Caring for Multiples

In each issue of Be the Best Nanny Newsletter we conduct a survey. The link for the current poll about cultural differences be found at the top right corner of this blog. In the February, 2007 poll 259 in-home childcare providers answered our questions about caring for multiple births. Just some of their responses are […]

Type of Help Mothers and Fathers of Multiples Want from Nannies or Au Pairs

Be the Best Nanny Newsletter asked mothers and fathers of multiples that employ nannies or au pairs what help they need most from their in-home caregivers. The answers from 383 mothers and fathers of multiples is listed here. Mothers and Fathers of Multiples Want Their Nannies or Au Pairs to Help Them With: 1. Bathing […]

Siblings that Share a Room

Siblings often have to share a bedroom (especially when a family has multiples). Nannies and au pairs can help siblings share a room successfully by remembering the children are individuals and helping them keep their belongings organized. Here are some ways to help siblings who share a bedroom. First make sure children of the same […]

Helping Parents With Multiples

Feeding Multiple Babies We started a discussion about caring for multiples last week click here to see article. Now we will discuss specific ways nannies and au pairs can assist parents of multiple babies each day. Some of the helpful tasks nannies and au pairs caring for multiple births provide include helping feed the babies, […]

Caring for Multiples

Twins are Individuals The most important priority for nannies and au pairs caring for twins and multiples is to prioritize! It requires a tremendous amount of energy to care for even one baby then add another one, or two… As Sarah, a nanny working in the Atlanta area says, “Basically, if you can survive the […]