Health Insurance for Au Pairs

J1 Visa Health Insurance is Obligatory for Exchange Visitors
By Armen Wilson

Health insurance is for everyone. If you believe that you are absolutely fit and there will be no need to visit a doctor in near future, you cannot be more off target. There is no special time for an accident to take place. Any time is a good time for accident to occur and your life can become miserable from that moment on.

To deal with all those circumstances, health insurance is essential. In fact, there are lots of situations where you don’t have another choice but to go for the health insurance. One such situation is when you may be traveling to U.S. on J1 visa. What it means is that whether you are visiting as an exchange visitor, au pair, scholar, trainee, or research student, you must have a health insurance otherwise your visa will not remain valid.

J1 visa health insurance and some regulations:

When you will be in the U.S., you will find that rules and regulations are associated with everything. Health insurance is not an exception. For J1 visa health insurance, you will have to face following rules and regulations.

• If you are visiting as J1 exchange visitor, you must not only have J1 visa insurance for yourself but you must have insurance for your J2 dependent as well. Always keep in mind that if you don’t carry exchange visitor health insurance, your sponsor will have no choice but to terminate your exchange visitor program.

• Although you need J1visa health insurance, there are several unauthentic sites which should be avoided. Shop from an authentic site offering immediate confirmation with proof of insurance.

• At the time of buying do keep in mind that insurance must offer medical benefits up to $50,000 per illness, repatriation of remains up to $7,500, expenses associated with medical evacuation up to $10,000 and deductible should not be more than $500 per accident.

The fact of the matter is that if you are coming to United States on J1 visa, you must have J1 visa health insurance.

But, keep in mind that unlike in many other countries, where government assists you in dealing with health care expenses, you will have to deal with everything on your own while visiting USA. Not to mention that health care expenses in U.S. are crushing and health insurance is the only way to deal with those expenses. So, find a right carrier to get your insurance.

http://www.nriol.netoffers quality J1 visa health insurance to US residents. It is also a perfect place to get quick quotes on medical insurance for international student and travel insurance for tourists. Not only does it provide immediate confirmation but it also offers proof of insurance after purchase.

If you are an au pair what has been your experience with J1 Visa health insurance?


  1. I am stunned that au pairs are required to have health insurance while nannies are not. It feels like we treat foreigners visiting and working in the U.S. are treated better than American nannies!! Why are not employers of American citizens required to give their American citizen employee’s health insurance. This really is crazy to me! I would be happy with even a prescription discount discussed two days ago!!! Does not anyone else see the “wrong” in the system??Angry Nanny Felicia, W. Nyack NY

  2. I am an aupair from Australia working in Boston area and I did not know that I have j1 visa health insurance. So it must not be a big deal for nannies to be upset.

  3. I never had a bad issue when I got sick during my au pair job. I had an appedix removed and the parents took care of the cost as far as I know. I do not know about their health insurance but they took care of me.Gretchen from Germany Au pair in Wisconsin

  4. It is hard to understand the logic of American politics that requires foreigners to have health insurance and not Americans to. We need universal healthcare for all citizens already!

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